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5 Often Missed Marketing Opportunities You Should Learn About Today

Marketers get pulled in  many directions: writing blogs, exploring new social media sites, updating websites, optimizing for search engines, crafting awesome subject lines for emails...and much more. A lot of these activities take up valuable time. But there are also marketing opportunities you probably haven't thought of, and some of them are the easiest steps you can take to support your other marketing initiatives. 

Don't Miss These Marketing Opportunities

  1. Writing better press releases. If you're already writing press releases regularly, making them better won't take much more time. Today's press release needs to be viable for a large audience (not just a segment of the press). A better term is "news release," which can have broader appeal. Follow these steps to make your press release even better: 
    • Include links. Quite often, contemporary news releases are reprinted online. These links will be valuable to your SEO efforts. Match the anchor text (the text that you apply the link to, like this. "like this" is the anchor text) with the title of the page you're linking to.
    • Include multimedia. Images, audio, and video make your press release more appealing to journalists and shareable for online audiences.
  2. Communicating to callers on hold. The telephone still exists. And its still one of the leading ways consumers reach out to companies. If you're not using on hold programming as a marketing tool, you're missing the opportunity to broadcast your content. Holdtime is the perfect time to 
    • Introduce new products and services
    • Offer special promotions
    • Drive traffic to your website and social media profiles.         
      A well-written Message On Hold program will support your marketing strategies and keep callers happier when they're on hold. 
  3. Updating your email signature. While some consider email signatures a bit "old school," in the business world, they're your virtual business card. Update your signature to include:
    • Your contact information: email, telephone number, and address
    • Your website
    • Social Media Accounts
    • Your Blog
    • A special offer or promotion, like a free white paper or a promocode for 10% of a purchase           
      By including this information in your email signature, you're ensuring that clients and prospects know how to get in touch with you, see your social media presence, and are included in your current marketing campaign. 
  4. Using a toll-free vanity phone number. A vanity phone number is a phone number that uses words instead of numbers. Think of some 800 vanity numbers you've seen recently. Think of some non-vanity numbers you've seen recently. What was that? The vanity numbers were easier to recall? That's the truth: words are easier to remember than random numbers. By assigning your company a vanity number, you can help improve brand recognition and really get the phone ringing. Click here to find an available number that will work for your business. 
  5. Showing Your Personality. Essential to a brand is its personality. When you're marketing your products, services, or self, be sure your personality is conveyed in your messages. Don't be afraid to show who you and your employees are. Whether you're selling B2B or B2C, your target market consists of people, so do what you can to appeal to the human experience. Be yourself.

The Audio Marketing Lesson

Don't be afraid to look to traditional technology, like phone systems, email signatures, or business cards as tools that can help you promote your other content. Use marketing strategies, like incorporating professional human voices or showing your unique brand and personality, to appeal to your target market. And don't forget to keep looking in unexpected places to really differentiate yourself from the competition.

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