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15 Places to Use Audio on Your Website

Using images on the internet is easy. Using sound for websites, on the other hand, is less obvious. However, internet audio is a powerful tool that you should use to enhance your website and your image. Here are 15 ways to incorporate audio on your website:


15 Places to Use Audio On Your Website
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1. How to make your website more engaging,interactive, and sticky with sound and multimedia.
2. A recorded welcome message can help youmake a website that stands out and lends ahuman feeling to the virtual experience Holdcom’s homepage uses sound to welcome visitors and intrigue them to further investigate service offerings, testimonials, and more. 
3. Virtual tours are a great way to introduceonline visitors to your real life facility. Addingaudio can help make them more effective andengaging. Ivy Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center plays a virtual tour that explains the center’s offerings
4. In addition to printed testimonials, offer audiotestimonials. Online visitors will relate to thehuman voice in which they’re spoken.
5. From one page ofyour site, direct “Visit our currentvisitors to another promotions pagepage in which they to get all of ourmight be interested. best prices!”For example, directvisitors from “CurrentPromotions” to your“Contact Us” or “BuyNow” pages
6. Stream and loop your audio content into a playlist that visitors can listen to. It can include legally licensed music to keep it fresh, too.
7. A podcast is an easy wayto inject your voice intoyour organization’swebsite. Immediatelyconsumable, they are agreat compliment totraditional blogging.
8. Have more to sayabout a particulartopic? Record it,add a link, andencourage visitorsto give you a listen.
9. Give a 1 sentence summary of an individualpage. Make sure it’s enticing and encouragesvisitors to read on. Holdcom’s Message On Hold Service page includes audio from a voice over that says, “Message On Hold: Holdcom’s Flagship Service”
10. Create videos, with a voice over, that teachyour visitors how to do something. See an example on the next slide
11. An audio logo is an easy way to associate yourbrand with sound. You can use text, music, or acombination of the two. Read More About Sonic Branding
12. Holding a real or virtual event? Record it nowso it can be played on your website later Brought to you by
13. People love resources. Use audio to quickly create them and keep your audience inspired.
14. Want to wish yourcustomers a happybirthday or a greatnew year? An audio egreeting card hosted on yourwebsite can be linked from anemail for extendedenjoyment.
15. Keep visitors informed by answering FAQs with audio messages. This shows that your business is personable and extremely helpful.
16. Announcing big news? Accompany your pressrelease with an audio file. This will make yourcontent more easily shared and is great forjournalists and bloggers who are on the go.
17. Adding audio to your website can help people spend more time engaging with your content.Audio is frequently underutilized on the internet, making it an easy way to set your website apart from the competition. Learn more at

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