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12 Content Ideas for Higher Education Message On Hold

Message On Hold for Colleges - Girl On PhoneA number of Holdcom employees have children who are high school seniors and are, right now, in the middle of the college application process. While it's an exciting time, it can also be a frustrating experience. With higher call volumes at the admissions office, these employees (and their children) have spent time waiting on hold...and they've found this hold time less than enjoyable. To be able to stand apart from other institutions and see maximum return on investment, you must make every part of the application process as painless as possible.

The lesson:

Message On Hold is a Marketing Opportunity for Universities

Playing music only--or nothing at all--on hold is a mistake for any organization. For colleges and universities, which are constantly recruiting talented students and building their brand, on hold communication becomes especially important because:

  • Prospective students don't want to be frustrated during the application process. 
  • Waiting in silence on hold makes callers feel isolated, like you've abandoned them.
  • Playing music only fills space, but isn't beneficial to callers.

When callers are holding you should be taking advantage of this time by providing your callers with important information about your university such as:

  1. Campus location
  2. Student body size
  3. Special awards and recognitions
  4. Number of majors, minors, etc.
  5. Admissions department hours
  6. Information about visiting campus
  7. Campus open houses
  8. New construction/renovation of campus buildings
  9. Athletic program highlights
  10. Admission application information
  11. Your Website address
  12. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and other social media account information

There are endless possibilities for the mix of music and information you can play on hold. As an institution of higher education, there's also an endless amount of information you can present. If you're not using on hold programming to communicate to students, whether they're prospects or recently admitted, you're missing out on the opportunity to show just how great your university is. Remember: your admissions process is student's first indicator of what support at your university is like and the support they will receive if they decide to attend.. Don't make any part of the process complicated or frustrating, because that will make recruits favor other institutions.

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