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Content Ideas for Your Automotive Retail Message On Hold Program

Automotive retail centers often manage many marketing and customer service objectives simultaneously. With so much information to be conveyed, well planned, thoughtful writing is necessary for a good Message On Hold Program. Including basic, important information about your dealership is a great way to start, but you can elevate your content to the next level  by including engaging messages, too.

On Hold Communication: The Basics

manager at car dealership desk for on hold communicationMake sure you include basic information, the kinds of things customers and prospects are frequently asking for when they call in:

  • New models
  • Current branding
  • Additional services offered to customers at the dealership
  • Special financing/ purchase/ lease offers available to define value at the dealer
  • Showroom and service hours, location, and directions

When including basic information such as this, be sure to focus on the customer experience, branding initiatives, and unique features and benefits that make your dealership stand out. Giving information about pricing and promotions is a good way to turn a phone call into an in-person visit.

Taking On Hold Message to the Next Level

With a Message On Hold program, you can get innovative and creative as you want. To add some more engaging messages your auto dealership’s on hold program, you can try:

  • Featuring client testimonials that speak to the high level of service they’ve received and the satisfaction they’ve had in the product.
  • Highlighting statistics about the value of your particular brand or overall reliability and impressive sales numbers.
  • Capitalizing on corporate advertising efforts, by echoing the sentiments of the brand and including specific radio spots, television ads, or short advertising clips in their on hold marketing.
  • Announcing special offers, contests, giveaways, or events you’re sponsoring.

 Your telephone hold message should achieve three main goals:

  1. Give callers information about your dealership: Its location, operating hours, and history are key content.
  2. Promote your products and services. Try highlighting new or redesigned models, offering discounts or financing opportunities, or giving statistics about vehicle quality.
  3. Reinforce your brand, both with respect to your independent location and corporate connections. Include any current advertising spots and slogans and be sure to mention awards won by your dealership and the brand.

Drawing attention to the qualities that make your dealership different and personal is always a good idea and sets you apart from your competition.  By featuring basic content about your dealership, you’ll always know that callers are informed. When you add more engaging subjects to your Message On Hold Script, you’re able to promote yourself and build your brand.


This blog was written by Chris Siegel, a Holdcom Client Relations Representative.

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