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Lessons for Your on Hold Marketing from the Google Doodle

Movie theather google doodle marketing lessonsToday marks the 79th anniversary of the first drive in movie theater, and there's a Google Doodle to celebrate it. Every time there is a new, special Google Doodle, it's exciting. Social media sites explode with mentions of the new, fresh idea. While every Doodle is noteworthy and causes some buzz, the most popular illustrations are the interactive ones. Remember the Les Paul Doodle, an actual music-making guitar? Or the PacMan game that you could really play? Whenever there is a new Doodle, it's exciting and interesting. How does this apply to your Message On Hold program?

1. Make holdtime fun. 

The best part of the Google Doodle is that it offers a break from the ubiquitous. No matter what I'm thinking about, whenever I see that Google has a special Doodle, I smile. What makes your clients and callers smile? Think outside the box and offer content that's different, exciting, and unexpected. 

2. Be sure your on hold message is timely and seasonally relevant.

A Google Doodle about Christmas wouldn't be very effective in June, it would be weird, not interesting. Likewise, if you're playing holiday music on hold to your callers in June, they also won't be interested. The Google Doodle is more interesting because it is relevant to a particular day--an anniversary, holiday, or birthday. Use this timeliness in your on hold program and your callers will certainly be interested year-round.  

3. Keep a focus on interactive content.

Remember: The most popular Google Doodles are the ones that do something. Dancing letters inspired by Martha Graham. An undersea adventure to honor Jules Verne. If you write a Message On Hold script that is interactive, you'll be able to hold your caller's attention much more effectively. Consider the following samples:

  • This is our most popular product.
  • Did you know that this is our most popular product?
  • What is our most popular product? This, of course!

Of the three, which is the most stimulating? The first is a very plain statement; the second asks a question but it doesn't need to be answered; the third question asks an open ended question that callers will mentally answer (although the correct answer is given). Taken to the extreme, the interactive approach can do more than ask and answer questions, it can announce your latest offerings, drive traffic to your website, or offer special promotions. 

4. Keep your Messages On Hold ephemeral.

Another reason why the Google Doodle commands so much attention is that it only lasts one day. While you probably won't change your Message On Hold program every day (although you can), keeping the content fresh, up to date, and interesting is the best way to keep callers engaged. When customers hear new information playing on hold, they're more likely to pay attention...which means your message gets out there even more effectively.

Like Google's website visitors, your callers are an audience coming to you. They're a captive audience waiting for your information. Use this to your advantage and create on hold content they want to hear.


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