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What You Mean When You Say "I Need a Voice for my Phone System"

When a client is looking for a new audio production, we're frequently told, "I need a voice for my phone system." While this is a very good start, it can also cause confusion. Do you need voice prompts? Message On Hold? Voicemail Greetings? Here's how to decode what you really need when you're looking for a voice:

Telephone off the hook for Message On Hold program to playMessage On Hold

What it is: Message On Hold program is what plays to callers who are waiting on hold. It consists of recorded voice announcements interspersed with music. If the program only has music, it's commonly called Music On Hold.

Aliases: On Hold Messages, Telephone Hold Messages, Music On Hold, marketing on hold, ads on hold, and many other names that include "on hold"

The Bottom Line: Messages On Hold keep your callers entertained, engaged, and informed. They're played for callers waiting on hold or in queue, and content for on hold programs varies greatly, from promotional messages to customer support information and anything in between. 

Voice Prompts for Telephony

What it is: The initial announcements on your phone system. Voice Prompts can consist of upfront greetings, menu options, transfer messages, after hours greetings, and more. 

Aliases: Auto attendant greetings, IVR Announcements, IVR Prompts, telephone menu recordings

The Bottom Line: Voice Prompts are announcements that require the caller to act by pressing a key or saying a command. These prompts are often the first impression callers have of your brand, so it's important they sound great and help reinforce your image.

Voicemail Greetings

What it is: The message callers hear when you're not available to answer the phone.

Aliases: Cell phone greeting, voicemail message, telephone message, answering machine message

The Bottom Line: In business, if, for some reason, you can't take a call, it's important to make the caller feel comfortable and confident with your business. A great voicemail greeting for yourself or your business can really help you stand apart from the competition.


So, next time you're thinking about a voice for your phone system, you'll be thinking about on hold messages, voice prompts, or voicemail's that simple! 


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