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Lessons from Lady Gaga for your Message On Hold Marketing (really!)

Lady GAGA, GMA Concert

Lady Gaga's next album, Artpop, promises to be something much, much more. Instead of releasing the album on traditional CDs or depending on digital sales, Gaga is banking on an immersive, multi-platform and mutli-media app that will feature chats, films, extra music, games, fashion updates, magazines, and more. According to Lady Gaga herself,  “You inspired me to create something that communicated with images, because YOU do, YOU communicate with me and each other with .gifs and pictures, and artwork, graphics ALL DAY 24/7 YOU’RE an ARTPOP generation."

The app itself should be interesting, interactive, and unique, merging contemporary visual culture with pop music. Based on the response to the post above, her fans are extremely excited about the new project, which does not yet have a set release date. 

On Hold Marketing Lessons from Lady Gaga

People are obsessed with Lady Gaga. Really obsessed. She's always on the radar of all things current and hip. What can you learn for your audio marketing from her persona?

  • Be where your audience is. Lady Gaga fans love Twitter and Instagram. So guess what? When she announced her new album, Gaga broadcasted on Twitter with Instagram photos, a surefire way to get her fans to take note. What mediums do your clients use to communicate? Do they love LinkedIn or pine for Pinterest? Do they call you? (I bet they do!) Share your content where they are and communicate the way they do.
  • Have a strong, unified persona. The Lady Gaga on Facebook is the same person as the one on Twitter, at awards shows, on the news, and everywhere else. Give your brand a unique, undeniable voice and use it everywhere you can, as consistently as possible. You can achieve this in a few ways. Visual and written communication is only part of the equation; what happens in your facility through your phone system, from overhead music to Message On Hold, matters just as much. 
  • Be approachable. Do you know what people genuinely identify with on a human level? Other people. By creating a human brand, you can help create more awareness, loyalty, and real connections. Use an authentic human voice on your phone system for those times when a real human isn't available. 
  • Do things that aren't expected. Lady Gaga, a pop star, is constantly expanding the idea of what it means to be a pop star. Who would ever expect a musician to develop a unique social network and an app? For your own marketing strategies, don't limit yourself to what your competitors do. Push the envelope by creating an out of the box Message On Hold program or crowdsourcing content for your next podcast. Don't be afraid to try something new.
  • Speak the way your customers do. In addition to being generally approachable, using a voice that is relatable, especially in terms of accent and word choice. Don't use language they don't understand; don't use UK spellings in the US; avoid regionalisms unless you're in that region or it's an essential part of your brand. Choose a voice talent that sounds appealing to you, but more importantly, to your customers.

What's the easiest way to make your customers say "wow"? Give them content that they really love. 



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