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Who Should Write a Message On Hold Program?

The value of a Message On Hold program is largely dependent on the content of that program - the script. As I've said before, playing just music on hold - without voice and messages - is not as successful as playing a full Message On Hold program. So once you've decided that complete on hold programming is for you, there's one question left:

Chalkboard with idea lightbulbs to show collaboration with arrow   121900809Who Should Write Your Message On Hold Program?

Your Customer Service Representatives

On one level, it makes sense to have your customer support team involved in writing your Message On Hold script. These are the people on the front lines of customer service. They know your FAQs by heart because, well, they're the ones who get asked these questions frequently. Generally, they're the people who know what your customers need to hear better than anyone else. 

But they're not the only people who should write your Message On Hold script.

Your Marketing Department

Often, you may find yourself wanting to include marketing information in your on hold program. This makes perfect sense because callers on hold are literally waiting to hear from you. They're the people who are the most receptive to messages and promotions for your company. So definitely let your marketing department in on your Message On Hold scriptwriting.

But they're also not the only people who should write your Message On Hold script.

A Professional Script or Copy writer

Frequently at Holdcom, our scriptwriting team writes and edits on hold scripts for our clients. They take information from our clients or their websites and compile it into appropriate-length paragraphs that will be mixed with music. Because they work with words all the time, they're able to craft compelling copy and make your marketing and customer service content really shine.

The winner: Collaboration

The best Message On Hold scripts come from true collaboration. Instead of asking any one person to write your script and choose your content, source contributors from your customer service and marketing departments and have a professional writer use the content contributed by all to put together a great script and pair it with the right voice over talent and excellent music. 

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