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4 Ways to Reuse Your Healthcare Facility's Message On Hold Program

Healthcare facilities – namely hospitals and medical centers – have an array of events and innovations taking place, often on a daily basis. Holdcom has been proud to further promote these events for our clients nationwide, mainly in the Message On Hold format. However, audio that was recorded for your on hold messaging does not have to reside in just one place - it can be reformatted for your other marketing and customer service channels as a valuable way to make content more engaging and effective. 

Audio for Your Website

Long Island College Hospital (LICH) is a great example of one facility expanding their audio promotions outside of Message On Hold. Zipporah Dvash, VP of Public Affairs & Development for LICH, approached Holdcom to make their existing website content more engaging by adding audio. Staying within the hospital’s budget, Holdcom worked with LICH to reformat their existing Message On Hold content so it could be applied to their website. And since the on hold recordings were already conversational and informative, they were a perfect match for the hospital’s site, truly enhancing their online marketing campaign with audio. Since LICH’s Message On Hold plan enables them to update a several times within their contract year, their web development team is able to update their website audio simultaneously.

Enhance Virtual Tours With Audio

When you create a virtual tour, the ultimate goal is to show what differentiates your facility from others. When you add professionally produced audio to your virtual tour, you have the opportunity to show and tell. Since Message On Hold content is written to tell callers about your business, it can transition perfectly to your virtual tour. You can match each room or scene of your tour with a relevant portion of your on hold program and even add music.

Bring Audio Into Your Facility With Overhead Music and Messaging

If you're not using overhead music and announcements in your facility, you're missing out on an opportunity to inform patients and visitors while keeping them waiting contently while they're in your facility. This is easily achieved by combining an overhead music solution with custom messages - pulled directly from your on hold programming. Your announcements will be the most successful if you use the shorter paragraphs from your on hold script as overhead announcements. Longer messages might overwhelm your visitors, so keep it short and simple.

BONUS: Emerging Technology: Ringback Tones

What's a ringback tone? The sound you hear when you call someone - usually a ring, occasionally a busy signal. But there's also an option, at least on consumer mobile phones, to play an alternative selection, like a popular song. I'm including this in the list as an emerging technology. Customized ringback tones should be on your radar, even if they're not available yet. Instead of hearing a standard ring, you can pull the most important announcements from your Message On Hold program and play them as your ringback. The benefit is that this very important information will be highlighted and featured before callers even connect with you. This can be especially important for healthcare facilities that need to deliver crucial information to the public, like vaccination information or seasonal health and safety tips.

Because your Message On Hold program features information about your facility, it's easy to find new ways to use the audio. Especially when it's professionally produced, the high-quality audio files are suitable for many applications, especially audio on your website, additional phone system applications, and even in your facility. The power of audio gives you a chance to show and tell what sets your facility apart - don't miss the opportunity.


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