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Customer Experience Predictions for 2015

In business to grow, you need to increase earnings. One way to increase earnings is to nurture your customers - developing raving fans who share what a great experience your company provided them, that’s how. A Customer's experience should be the foundation of any company. If you aren't supporting your clients throughout their purchasing journey your company will see the fury of customers sharing their experience online.

Customers are people and their needs are constantly evolving. There is always something different you could be doing to elevate the customer experience. Below, are a few customer experience figures that we could not ignore. Let's take a look at some customer experience predictions we've created based on these figures for 2015.




Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase according to help scout. Meaning, if you turn a customer whose first purchase was $300.00 into a loyal customer they could spend up to $3000.00. Not to mention, customers who received excellent customer service were willing to spend more. Develop a relationship with your clients. Let clients know who you are and that their satisfaction is important to you.

The customer experience encompasses all stages of the customer journey. We feel that the predictions we have for 2015 cover all buying stages. Clients want to be shown they are important and appreciated throughout the buying process. Nurture your clients- give them answers when they want them, provide support, and don’t waste their time.

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