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Here's How to Get Great Reviews For Your Hotel

When you're in the hospitality business, you're constantly on the lookout for more customers.  Much of your incoming business is based on reviews from previous visitors.  There's just one problem:  people are much more likely to write a review if they're dissatisfied with their service than they are to write a review when they're happy.  Want to get the kinds of reviews your Hotel deserves?  Try a few of these tips:  

Hotel_ReviewsGo above and beyond.  Normal "good" service won't be worth a review, but exceptional service will be more likely to achieve the result you're hoping for.  By going above and beyond for a customer, you'll make them feel valued enough to consider writing that review.  

Offer incentives.  There are plenty of opportunities to reward customers for writing a positive review.  Consider offering a small discount on their next stay, adding on a complimentary breakfast, or providing another incentive that will make it worth a customer's time to write that positive review.  Left to themselves, most customers won't think of doing it for you.  Make it worth their while, and they're much more likely to take the time to write a positive review. 

Host a contest.  By offering a contest with prizes for customers who write a review, you reduce the incentive amount that you'll have to provide while increasing the number of customers who will feel led to write a review.  While not everyone will like the odds associated with a contest, many people will take a minute or two to write that review if they think there might be a payout later.

Contact customers after their stay.  Ask follow-up questions and invite them to leave a review on the spot.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through email, which will provide them with immediate access to a survey link or other means of leaving feedback.  

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