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Message on Hold for Hospitality

audio marketing for hospitalityHotels, restaurants, caterers, resorts, and banquet halls can all benefit from having a Message on Hold (MOH) system, however many neglect on hold communication. You can probably think of a time when you called your favorite pizzeria and they put you on hold, leading yourself to believe you’d been hung up on. Or maybe you called a bunch of caterers while you were planning a big party, and had to wait to hear from the owner to get more information about the business itself. The fact of the matter is this: on hold messages are a form of communication and marketing that enables you to tell callers exactly what sets you apart and makes your business great. 

Creating content for on hold messages is the first step of creating useful MOH information. In the Hospitality Industry, Message On Hold can:

  • Announce seasonal rates for accommodations
  • Advertise a special promotion or discount
  • Tell callers about your other locations or newly remodeled rooms
  • Entice customers to try the newest menu items at your restaurant

On average, callers will spend just under a minute on hold. During these precious seconds, they are waiting to hear from you—which makes them the perfect audience for your message. Instead of asking them to wait for you, bring your voice to them and make productive use of their hold time.

To alleviate hold time silence, some hotels and catering halls will play the radio through their phone system.  This can be problematic for a few reasons. First, if your callers are hearing music, they are not hearing your restaurant’s “voice.” In fact, they might dislike your musical selection so much that they call your competition. Second, if you’re playing the radio, you are running the risk of being fined for playing music you haven’t paid for. Additionally, the radio has advertisements: while your caller is on hold, they might hear ads, not music—and these ads might be for your competition.

To help cut down on call time, you might want to consider an IVR system that allows your callers to reach the appropriate department within the venue. You can direct your customers to catering, special events, reservations, or any frequently requested areas of your facility. Using an IVR system can help you appropriately direct calls and effectively increase sales.

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