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Out Reach On The Web: Hospitals Using Social Media

Hospitals continue to expand their presence out to the web with information sites. Patients can now find maps, contacts and general data with a few mouse clicks. Some are expanding into blogs as well. One could consider this a really excellent beginning. In fact, it's a great base to build on.


With the growth of internet use for adults, even older adults as pointed out by Pew Research Center report, it makes sense to begin building an interlinked network between the base website and the expanse of social media services. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others put pins in the online map that can be cross-linked. Having those points feeding back to your main page increases traffic in general and directed contacts in specific.


Consider a video tour of some of the interesting aspects of your facility that can be posted to YouTube and 

be hyperlinked back to main information pages. The possibilities will only continue to expand. 

There are already applications for patient access through web portals. Pre-registration, lab results, insurance updates are handled without standing in long lines.

Professionals who are employed or associated with the hospital can use LinkedIn to post their public information profile including the applicable connection to the facility. Creating appropriate hashtags to news articles posted either on the main site or a Facebook page integrates the reach of Twitter through smartphones as well as the computer.

Another social media opportunity to take advantage of the video capacity of smartphones. Informational short videos can be displayed to assist patients in navigating hospital procedures and inform them about special interest news, events. Exploring and implementing a range of social media tools makes more sense than ever for today's healthcare organizations.

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