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The Impact of Multilingual Telephone Systems for Hospitality

As destinations, hospitality properties aim to attract visitors Multilingual Communication for Hospitality Propertiesfrom all over the world. Being able to reach out to these potential guests is crucial to building a connection between them, your venue, and your brand.

For successful outreach, it’s always important to understand your guests’ tastes and personalities. When your venue starts attracting international visitors, it’s important to also understand their language and offer them assistance in their native tongue.

On the phone, multilingual options should be incorporated into the beginning of your phone conversations, so callers can have the full experience of your brand from the opening of the connection. The incorporation of multilingual communication should start with your IVR system. This way, international or foreign-speaking callers will be able to select their native language at the beginning of their call and comprehend the entirety of your IVR menu. Once they’ve made their selection, they will also be able to hear Messages On Hold in their chosen language, as well.

When adding multiple options, should you include, “To continue in English, press 1”?  A general rule: If your menu is bilingual (uses only two languages, like English and Spanish) instruct visitors to stay on the line for English, and ask them to press a key for Spanish. If you are offering more than two languages, you’ll want to prompt callers to select their language. Place your most commonly selected language first in your menu, and list them in descending order by popularity. This way, most of your callers will have to hear the fewest number of options before selecting their language. In the case of a truly multilingual system such as this, you won’t want callers to wait through a list of 5 language options they won’t be using, just to continue in English.

Communicating in an authentic, native language allows guests to become more comfortable and confident with your property. If they can communicate with you in the language of their choice over the phone, they will feel more “at home” with your venue and might be more interested in staying with you for their upcoming trips.

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