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Script Tip: How to Write Overhead Announcements for your Small Business

Are you utilizing your Overhead Announcements to the best of their ability? If your business has an overhead sound system and you'd like to add overhead music or personalized messages, it’s important to play what’s relevant and interesting to your customers.

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My Overhead Music Experience at the Mall

Sound can be a powerful tool in marketing strategies. In retail setting specifically, overhead music can have tremendous impact. As it turns out, the absence of music can also be a powerful factor in consumer buying decisions. I personally noticed the effects of retail store background music on...
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Trim the Fat in Your IVR Announcements

Listening to IVR announcements is inevitable. They are necessary for efficient call processing, but in today's fast-paced society, callers are looking for immediate responses. However, there are some quick-fixes to make your IVR recordings more tolerable and concise. Here are some tips:

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@HoldcomListens on Twitter

A few posts back, we suggested that the things you’re tweeting might be good content for your Messages on Hold. Thinking about this, we decided it would be great if we helped you out with identifying this content. So we give you @HoldcomListens—our new twitter account, created specifically for...

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How To Use IVR Systems To Increase Sales

IVR is not a replacement for your sales force, but it can be used to enhance your current one. As IVR technology becomes more efficient, some companies are using IVR systems to automate simple tasks, lowering costs and increasing sales. According to Bill Gates, “The first rule of any...

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4 Creative Uses for Audio Marketing

Messages on Hold are a great way to reach a captive audience, but audio marketing has been used by Holdcom clients in some shockingly creative ways. Expanding marketing efforts by using audio is an effective way to reach your target audience.

Overhead announcements

When walking through a...

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