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Brainstorming Your Branded Content

Branded Content has become more complicated over the years. However, it can open so many doors for businesses of any genre. Articles, videos, podcasts, and other live elements are what makes a nice batch of Branded Content. The overall key of Branded Content is to grab the attention of the...

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Is your Voiceover Talent Approachable as the Brand Voice?

First impressions have a lasting impact.  Everyone has a friend that when they first met, was totally unapproachable. Trust me, I know because for most of my college years, I was that friend! My friends didn't admit this to me until about 2 years into our relationship, and we still laugh about... Read More

Seize Your Marketing with Audio Marketing or Sonic Branding

A memorable marketing campaign increases awareness, value, and perception of the brand. Brand Image isn't developed by visual content alone, but by sonic branding. The higher the customer's awareness of your message, the more likely for it to impact their memory. Memory is exactly what makes a...

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Building Your Brand Image On-Hold

You spend a fortune on your advertising and marketing plans--social media, print, maybe even radio and TV to promote your brand and drive customers to your website and facility Advertising and marketing promotions encourage customers to call your business, but if you're not enhancing...

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4 Tips for Improving Your Remote Customer Experience

What defines customer experience at your company? Many businesses define customer experience, brand identity and recognition from the moment a customer comes within sight of a business location. Physical branding (the look, feel, and experience onsite) follows common sense and easily tested...

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4 Apps with Excellent Sound Effects to Help Your Development Efforts

Smartphone and tablet apps are, by nature, immersive and experiential. I mean, don't even try to talk to me while I'm playing Jetpack Joyride or Angry Birds. Part of the reason why apps have caught on so successfully is that they make us want to use them. And while 25% of apps that are...

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Can a Better Website Help Improve Customer Service?

Nordstrom is well known for providing excellent customer service. What you might not know is what happens behind the scenes on their website to ensure an excellent customer experience: They are constantly analyzing user behavior to ensure customers are getting exactly what they want. 

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9 Ways to Enhance the Image of your Small Business

Being a "small business" doesn't mean you can't dream--or sound--big. Often, a few easy, affordable updates can revamp and improve your image dramatically. Being small is often an asset. Small business owners are more available and approachable than their corporate counterparts, and these...
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How to Repurpose your Existing Message On Hold Content

So, you've written an eBook, White Paper, or Guide. You've chopped it up into a series of blog posts. You've created a video and webinar about the same content. With one idea, you've gotten a lot of bang for your buck, you savvy marketer you! Repurposing content is a great way to stretch your...

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