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Another emerging market for Holdcom is eTraining, also known as virtual learning or just-in-time training. Holdcom supplies voices and scripts for professional businesses that need their staff to learn something new, and fast: for example, updated software or a novel technology.

Senior Script...

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EnterTRAINING: The Fast Track to Learning

October 19, 2017 Ronna Caras resources, tips, e-learning

A guest blog written by Ronna Caras, President of Caras Training.

My brother has ten grandkids aged eight and younger and getting them together is funny, heartwarming and exhausting, just as you would expect. It is also a lesson on teaching.

Even when we are teaching children who are a lot older...

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Narration in Video and eLearning

September 21, 2016 Sioban Schmeding video, tips, e-learning

Narration can add immense value to any eLearning experience. Not only does adding high quality voiceover add versatility to the existing footage, but also allows it to be utilized for a broader range of audiences successfully. Speech can affect the most primal aspects of learning to improve...

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Using Characters and Personas in eLearning Programs

July 24, 2013 Juli Durante e-learning

Many complain that eLearning programs and web-based training are impersonal, which hinders student engagement and detracts from the overall experience. But eLearning has significant advantages over traditional teaching methods, including student-guided activities and the ability to review...

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How Sound Increases eLearning Interactivity and Learner Engagement

February 28, 2012 Juli Durante resources, tips, e-learning

The beauty of is that its computer-based format allows for designers and trainers to include many interactive elements that make presentations experiential. Contemporary web based training programs can include mutlimedia, like pictures, sounds, and videos. By including more multimedia,...

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The 5 Do's and 5 Dont's of eLearning Presentation Audio

Music. Narration. Dramatic Dialogue. Do you incorporate any of this kind of audio into your eLearning Presentations? There are a variety of ways to use sound in your online learning modules, all of which can enhance content and engagement. 94% of learning is influenced by sight and sound, and...

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Sound Advice for eLearning

December 14, 2011 Juli Durante resources, tips, e-learning

written by Ronna Caras, President of Caras Training, a leading provider of eLearning consulting, curriculum design and facilitation.

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5 Fixes for Terrible Webinar Audio

November 29, 2011 Juli Durante resources, tips, e-learning

I participated in a webinar the other day. It was one I was really looking forward to attending and I hoped I would get a lot out of it. I logged in, took out a notebook, and put in my headphones. I was ready to go—until I heard the presenter’s voice. It was crackly and soft, with static and...

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5 Ways to Incorporate Professional Audio Into Your eLearning Presentation

September 29, 2011 Katie Devlin tips, e-learning, presentations

Out with the old!  In with the new! Businesses have been making the switch by replacing traditional employee training programs with innovative training techniques that show tremendous success rates… E-Training! This effective teaching and learning method can take many forms, including placing...

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Improving Your E-Learning Presentation Using Audio

As E-Learning and E-Training web tutorials continue to grow in popularity, audio has become a critical component of these computer-based presentations. Learn effective and creative ways to use audio in your E-Learning presentations.

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