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Message On Hold: Unicast or Multicast on my Phone System?

When evaluating the customer experience, It’s important to experience everything your callers do. When thinking about implementing Message on Hold services there are certain things you’ll want to consider. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding the features and functionality...

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File Formats for Message on Hold Programs

Last month our Production Team contributed a blog entry about frequently encountered file formats in the audio marketing industry. When ordering a voice prompts or a Message On Hold program for your phone system, you need to check to make sure that you are ordering the correct file format based...

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File Format Definitions for Your Audio Program

On occasion, Holdcom will encounter an unusual file format from client-supplied music. With help from Holdcom's Audio Produers, today’s blog is going to present several audio file formats we see in Message On Hold programs and voice prompts and what to do when encountering an unknown format.

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