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How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Increase Customer Engagement

December 08, 2014 Andy Begnoche' first impressions

Breaking down the Perfect Profile Photo 

Getting face to face sure has changed in the age of social networking.  Whether you entered social networks with a purpose or you sort of found yourself there serendipitously, it’s pretty clear by now your profile picture is being judged. Whether we like...

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Business and Personal Professional Voicemails

There is a difference between business and personal voicemail content. In this slide presentation will learn useful tips in developing and recording both types of voice greetings.

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4 Audio Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses working with limited resources are often overshadowed by competition from larger businesses with larger marketing budgets. And yet, small businesses need to outshine competitors and distinguish themselves from the rest, just like the big guys. So what to do? By incorporating...

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Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business Look and 'Sound' Bigger

Small businesses have the potential of getting lost amid competition from large-scale, high revenue businesses. These types of businesses are always faced with the question, "How do I make my business seem larger and distinguish itself among competitors?" Both professionalism and strategic...

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How to Creatively Use Audio to Effectively Reach Customers

There are numerous ways to use professional audio to enhance your business and customer service initiatives. Message On Hold programs and phone system announcements are common ways to use audio in customer service, but thinking outside the box can help you connect with and help customers on a...

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Leaving a Professional Voicemail is Just as Important as Your Actual Voicemail Message

Arguably the most intimidating factor when leaving a voice mail is the fact that once you leave the message, "in one take," there is no taking it back. That is why, especially in the business world, an overwhelming amount of people revert to email rather than leaving a voice mail message. ...

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Behold, The Power of Real Human Audio

While waiting on hold, most listeners can tell almost instantly if the message on hold program contains human narration or synthetic speech. Granted, artificial speech technology has come a long way in replicating the human voice, but very noticeable differences still exist. Although synthetic...

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Professional Voicemail Messages On Your Cell Say You Mean Business!

As the saying goes, you can never get a second chance at a first impression. This is a crucial lesson to remember, especially in the business world. When communicating with customers and clients, a professional voicemail greeting on your cell phone can make the difference.

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Make New Friends, but Keep the Old - Both are Audio Marketing Gold

Holdcom recently attended a webinar that presented an ongoing case study centered on a successful global company that used banner ads and social media to acquire additional customers. This company spent close to $220 dollars per new customer, and their goal was to acquire 3,000 new clients.

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