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Hospitals Using Social Media? The Numbers Speak for Themselves

March 18, 2015 Harvey Edelman healthcare

In a Forbes Article titled 10 Things Hospital Leadership Needs to Know about Marketing and Social Media, numbers 7 and 10 should be enough to convince even the most skeptical of hospital administrators that social media is more than just a fad or a playground for the young.

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Out Reach On The Web: Hospitals Using Social Media

February 26, 2015 Harvey Edelman healthcare

Hospitals continue to expand their presence out to the web with information sites. Patients can now find maps, contacts and general data with a few mouse clicks. Some are expanding into blogs as well. One could consider this a really excellent beginning. In fact, it's a great base to build on.

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5 Key Features of the Best Overhead Music for Healthcare Facilities

Overhead music in healthcare facilities is much, much different than overhead music in retail stores or other business settings. Whether in a major hospital or local doctor's office, a healthcare facility's audio needs to appeal to a wide variety of people, many of whom are ailing, nervous, or...

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How the Virtual Doctor is Revolutionizing In-Patient Care with Web Conferencing

Hospitals are busy places. In densely populated areas, or during busy times, there are only so many beds—and doctors—to go around. Doctors are constantly on the go, moving from floor to floor and patient to patient. With so many in need of care and attention, there’s a desire for doctors to...

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5 Healthcare IVR Best Practices

In HealthcareIVR Systems are used to automate a wide variety of tasks: route calls to different departments, announce office or facility hours, allow patients to confirm appointments, and more. In many cases, the functionality of a system is limited by the way the prompts and announcements are...

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Managing and Announcing Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

There is one constant in the healthcare industry: change. New rules and regulations, changing technology, additional facilities...very little stays the same for very long. Today, as "Hospitals" become "Medical Centers" that are part of "Healthcare Systems", paying attention to patient...

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Script Tip: Take your Message On Hold Back to School

Whether or not you have children, the Back to School season affects you. Perhaps your commute becomes that much longer because school buses are back on the road. Or employees and co-workers have to readjust their work schedule to accommodate school hours and the drop-off/pick-up schedule for...

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Embracing Technology In Healthcare Facilities: Social Media (part 1)

According to the Wall Street Journal, the number one trend in healthcare for 2012—the trend that all other trends will rely upon—is technology. He says that technology will, “propel consumers to have more engaged and interactive experiences with not only their doctors/providers but healthcare...

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