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February - Healthcare Content Cure - On Hold Script Samples

February isn't only about Valentine's Day! Even though it's the shortest month, there are still wellness observances to know about. Don't forget to remind your callers about these healthcare wellness observances. Read on to learn more about the February Wellness Observances and sample message on...

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6 Script Tips for Your Hold-Time

Audio marketing scripts  are used by many companies in today's business world. Hold times that are often filled with "dead air" or music can be used more effectively to convey messages to your customers. Here are five script tips for how to use Message On Hold, instead of playing boring... Read More

Message On Hold Program Length

The average caller expects to be on hold for only a few minutes, according to a recent study. 21% of those surveyed admit that they will stay on hold for less than a minute before giving up, but 65% reported that they would wait on hold from 1 to 3 minutes. Only 14% would wait on hold for...

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Why Audio is a Key Tool in Conveying Time-Sensitive Information

How does your business convey time-sensitive information to your customer base? Have you covered all areas of communication? Are you reaching as many people as you need to in an effective manner? There are efficient ways to get your message heard, such as various forms of social media, but more...

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Preparing Your Phone System for a 'Daily Deal'

Groupon and LivingSocial are the latest and greatest coupon giants that offer awesome deals on everything from restaurants and spas to vacations and thrilling excursions. Using these coupon services that offer deep discounts is a surefire way to generate customer interest --but what happens...

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Behold, The Power of Real Human Audio

While waiting on hold, most listeners can tell almost instantly if the message on hold program contains human narration or synthetic speech. Granted, artificial speech technology has come a long way in replicating the human voice, but very noticeable differences still exist. Although synthetic...

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Audio Marketing Influences Twitter's New Feature

Long before the social media phenomena, telephone on hold messages were a dynamic way to increase brand awareness and product and service availability by informing telephone callers about new offerings and encouraging callers to inquire further.  More recently, social media has mimicked this...

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Using Message On Hold as a Call to Action

Audio has proven to be an effective way of reinforcing a call to action in marketing and customer service initiatives. Often times, audio is a component of a marketing strategy, but in the area of on hold marketing, it is the sole marketing component and the one that can make effective...

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Using Message on Hold in a Real Time World

The globalized, plugged in community of today’s world is always looking for a quick fix and fast information.  While your customers are on hold, are they forced to wait for a representative who can speak to them, or is your MOH (message on hold) targeted to provide them with timely, frequently...

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