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9 Ways to Enhance the Image of your Small Business

Being a "small business" doesn't mean you can't dream--or sound--big. Often, a few easy, affordable updates can revamp and improve your image dramatically. Being small is often an asset. Small business owners are more available and approachable than their corporate counterparts, and these...
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Should I use a male or female voice for my phone system?

Why does the new iPhone personal assistant, Siri, have a female voice? Why do most Americans choose a female voice for their GPS, while Germans prefer a male? This CNN article describes some of the potential reasons for our gendered speech preferences. We discussed it recently in our LinkedIn...

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Telling Voice Over Talent How to Pronounce Words

As you develop your Message On Hold, IVR announcements, and other audio marketing programs to be read by professional voice over talents, you will need to think about pronunciation. First, you will need to consider how your audience pronounces words. Most words have one or two acceptable...

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