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5 Healthcare IVR Best Practices

In HealthcareIVR Systems are used to automate a wide variety of tasks: route calls to different departments, announce office or facility hours, allow patients to confirm appointments, and more. In many cases, the functionality of a system is limited by the way the prompts and announcements are...

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15 Voice Prompt Blunders To Avoid in your IVR System

When writing voice prompts for IVR or ACD systems, clear concise communication is key. The thing about a well structured call-processing system with properly recorded voice prompts is that you just don't notice it. What you do notice, however, is a system that is riddled with problems and...

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More Script Tips for Telephone Voice Prompts


Several weeks ago, our Content Consultants contributed script tips for writing proper pronunciation cues for voiceprompts, which can be used for Message on hold programs or Interactive Voice Response [IVR] Announcements.

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