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How to Choose Appropriate Overhead Music

Music has endless variations—genres, tempos, time periods, instruments, vocals—all of which appeal to different people and have differing impact. When deciding what kind of background music to play in a retail store, fitness center, hotel, or other property, it’s important to keep in mind...

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Creative Guest Services Strategies: Hospitality Audio Marketing

Improving guest services is an objective had by many hospitality properties, including hotels, restaurants, and resorts. The principles of audio marketing can be useful tools for improving guest satisfaction, surveying in-property, and making services better. This slide presentation has real-life...

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Message On Wheels-Audio In Motion for Hospitality

The Message On Hold concept is this: take the silent, passive telephone on hold time and turn it into an active period of marketing to a captive audience. In real life, as on the phone, there are sometimes unavoidable periods of wait time. If your hospitality venue provides transportation...

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