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What You NEED to Know Before Implementing Music On Hold

Copyright infringement, piracy, and theft. Many businesses faced these serious and unfortunate charges after illegally playing unlicensed music on hold. What is even more unfortunate is that these crimes are mostly committed due to lack of awareness about on hold music licensing, causing the...

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Hold Music Can Make Your Customers Crazy

For many companies the music (and message) callers hear while waiting on hold, may be their first impression of your company.  These impressions can be lasting and influence the way your company is perceived by your customers or potential customers. Whether you’re a mom and pop or Fortune 500,...

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Queen and Message on Hold

“Momma…I just killed a man…” starts one of the greatest musical journeys of all time – Bohemian Rhapsody. A rock-opera that switches gears more times than a six speed, a Dostoyevsky-esque tragedy condensed to 5:55 seconds, this song has captured generations since released in Queen’s 1975 album ...

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