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How to Take Advantage of Prezi's New Audio and Voice Capabilities

When Holdcom started using Prezi about a year ago, we were very excited about the site's ability to incorporate audio into online presentations. But then, we tried to do it. And we were very, very disappointed. After all, we know that a good presentation becomes great when you add professional...

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Creating More Effective Online Presentations with Sound

Some people say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to read, and those who like to listen. That’s great—because contemporary technology allows us to create content that is appealing to BOTH groups of people.  Slide Presentations let you do both at the same time....

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5 Fixes for Terrible Webinar Audio

I participated in a webinar the other day. It was one I was really looking forward to attending and I hoped I would get a lot out of it. I logged in, took out a notebook, and put in my headphones. I was ready to go—until I heard the presenter’s voice. It was crackly and soft, with static and...

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