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5 Ways to Utilize Audio to Enhance Your Small Business

Giving your small business a voice can enhance marketing and customer service intiatives. By incorporating a professional human voice into your marketing strategies you can establish a more personal relationship with your customers while creating a more professional image for your business. ...

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The Making of a Professional Cell Phone Voicemail Greeting

Being that I have been at Holdcom for a few months now, I decided it was time to change my cell phone voicemail greeting to something a bit more polished. Keep in mind, I have had the same voicemail message for probably 6 years, just transferring the same greeting every time I would get a new...

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6 Rs for Professional Voicemail Greetings [Slide Presentation]

Do you know how to record a professional voicemail for your cell phone or office line? Do you know what your current voicemail greeting sounds like? When was the last time you checked?
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