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Holdcom University: Audio for Marketing and Customer Service

Did you know that, in addition to Sound Communication, we also write other free resources about using audio for marketing and customer service strategies? We have a collection of industry-specific guides, tips for creating programs, and slide presentations for visual learners. Are complete...

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Attention to Detail in eLearning Programs

Incorporating audio in a training project helps to facilitate the learning process with a clear example of how a scenario may play out.  For Call Center training, capturing a conversation between a "caller" and a "representative" can show the best way to handle a call. Trainees can carefully...

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5 Message on Hold Proofreading Tips

Proofreading is an essential step of writing for business applications, and one that often times gets less than the attention it deserves.   From publishing a blog, Tweet, or newsletter article to sending an important email to a key client, proofreading more often than not consists of a quick...

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