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Is your Voiceover Talent Approachable as the Brand Voice?

First impressions have a lasting impact.  Everyone has a friend that when they first met, was totally unapproachable. Trust me, I know because for most of my college years, I was that friend! My friends didn't admit this to me until about 2 years into our relationship, and we still laugh about... Read More

Vocal Fry: The Next Big Trend in Voice Production?

Vocal Fry is also known as that creaky sound many people make at the ends of words or sentences. Recent research has found that the creaky voice phenomenon may be a growing speech trend in college age women. Check out what the Today Show reported about the growing pattern:

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How To Add Audio Testimonials To Your Website

Adding audio to your website is an easy way to make your site engaging and improve SEO efforts. Although the internet is traditionally a visual space, focused on text and images, sound is a valuable tool for making your content stand out, and it can be easily added to your website.

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5 Fixes for Terrible Webinar Audio

I participated in a webinar the other day. It was one I was really looking forward to attending and I hoped I would get a lot out of it. I logged in, took out a notebook, and put in my headphones. I was ready to go—until I heard the presenter’s voice. It was crackly and soft, with static and...

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