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Common Mistaskes in Financial Industry Message On Hold Programs

A bank or credit union's telephone system is often an integral part of customer service. Clients will use an automated phone system to check account balances and members with more complicated inquiries wait on hold for support. During these critical moments on the phone, businesses in the...

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Voice Prompt Script Tip: Is "Touch" the New "Press" or "Click"?

Language is a fluid, ever changing doctrine. It's constantly updated with new terms and forms of words as technologies and generations evolve. The self-editing and adoption of these terms and phrases happens almost organically as one word is used more frequently and falls into favor within our...

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15 Voice Prompt Blunders To Avoid in your IVR System

When writing voice prompts for IVR or ACD systems, clear concise communication is key. The thing about a well structured call-processing system with properly recorded voice prompts is that you just don't notice it. What you do notice, however, is a system that is riddled with problems and...

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Spring Into Your Next Message On Hold Update

We might still be dealing with winter snow, but now is the time to give your Message On Hold program a thorough spring cleaning. Since a seasonally-relevant on hold marketing program is the most appealing to callers, you should freshen up your messages throughout the year.

What can you do...

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How Much Can I Say On Hold? (Part 2)

Part 1 of this article discussed what kind of content you can fit into Messages On Hold of certain lengths, based onwords per minute. A complete Message On Hold program will include music and marketing messages. On average, our clients request 4-minute-long Message On Hold programs. In part 1,...

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How Much Can I Say On Hold? (Part 1)

As you may have learned in our previous blog, a ­voice over talent can speak approximately 112 words per minute. It’s important that you don’t stuff too much content into your Message On Hold program, as it will be overwhelming to your callers and difficult to understand. As your finished on...

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How To Avoid Jargon In On Hold Marketing

Jargon, or “Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand,” is often a deal-breaker when developing effective marketing programs. On hold, marketing messages are heard, not seen or read, so it’s especially important to...

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Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend. Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday Night. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep, and make sure you don't get as confused about the time change as our audio production team:

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Audio Marketing Script Tip: Brainstorm Correctly

Did you learn how to brainstorm when you were in school? Our teachers taught us how to work in groups and the right ways to resolve conflicts, but brainstorming techniques were rarely part of the curriculum.  So what is brainstorming?

Wikipedia says that Brainstorming is a group creativity...

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