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Message on Hold & IVR: Small Business Phone System Fix

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, knowledge, and effort, there is no simple answer to a problem. Take matching a phone system to a business’s needs. There is no simple answer, because first you need to ask important questions. What features do you need?  How many lines do you have? Have...

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What Star Wars Taught Us About Marketing and Brand Image

May the 4th be with you! Star Wars wasn't only one of the most well-known movies in history, but created an entire culture. When it comes to marketing, there are several marketing examples that can be seen in the first movie of the original Star Wars trilogy. Marketing that we can see in Star...

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5 Ways Auto Attendant Can Increase Efficiency in Your Business

Every business owner knows the importance of accurate and timely communications to keep the company running smoothly. A missed call or message can mean a significant loss of revenue and possibly a lost client. The auto attendant on your phone system can help to solve this issue. The obvious...

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Tackling the Basics of Small Business Hosted Phone Systems

September 26, 2013 Client Relations - small business

What is a phone system and how is it different from phone service?

Phone system and phone service get confused a lot, but they’re not the same thing. It’s a little like getting your internet service confused with your router. Your router can hook to a number of different internet service...
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5 Considerations for Updating Your Business Phone System

Keeping up with today's constantly changing technologies is top of mind with many businesses - for a good reason. Many small and midsized businesses are revisiting their computer systems, digital presence, and even their phone systems. New hosted VoIP solutions are feature-rich and appealing....

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How to Prepare Your Marketing for the Holidays

The time has come...the pre-holiday season is upon us! Well, maybe it's not so "pre" anymore. I walked through a home improvement store the other day (It was not yet the first of October), and there was a large display of Christmas Trees already set up...WOW. For me, the message was clear:...

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9 Ways to Enhance the Image of your Small Business

Being a "small business" doesn't mean you can't dream--or sound--big. Often, a few easy, affordable updates can revamp and improve your image dramatically. Being small is often an asset. Small business owners are more available and approachable than their corporate counterparts, and these...
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Small Business Message On Hold: Market, Impress, Inform

If you own or run a small business, never underestimate the power of your phone system. Your phone system has the capability to promote your products and services, communicate useful customer information, and improve their overall caller experience... all while they are waiting on hold! Message...

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