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Grow Post Engagement by 221% - A Social Media Case Study

Instead of looking at a brochure most prospects prefer to look up hotels and businesses on the internet. Your internet presence could be Facebook, Yelp, or LinkedIn. As a business it can be complicated, encouraging previous customers to share their experience on the internet. To make customers...

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How Hospitals Can Use Social Media to Improve Care

March 11, 2015 Harvey Edelman social media

Social media has changed the face of the world forever and your hospital needs to jump on the bandwagon by utilizing it for health care.

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Four Magnificent Reasons Hospitals Should Use Social Media

February 03, 2015 Harvey Edelman social media

We all know about many different kinds of businesses using social media from stores to social justice organizations but hospitals have also jumped on the bandwagon. There are many reasons for hospitals using social media, but here are four great reasons why.

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Are Hospitals Using Social Media To the Fullest

January 13, 2015 Harvey Edelman social media

Just because someone jumps into the water, doesn’t mean they can swim. Many hospitals are figuratively doing just that, and finding out that there’s more to the social media ocean than what appears on the surface. There are, however, specific things that hospitals can do to successfully utilize...

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Video: 4 Ways You Can Gain Momentum with Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is gaining momentum everyday. The challenge with content marketing is creating content that is interesting and relevant. Well here are some tips to not only increase traffic to your website but to increase leads. Leads can easily be converted into buyers if you are targeting...

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The Instagram vs Vine Video-Off: Who Will Win?

What’s the lastest social media news? Instagram Video. Facebook announced the new service yesterday, and now, Vine has a strong competitor to worry about. While Vine has 13 million users, Instagram boasts 130 million users. Since Instagram Videos and photos can both be shot in the same app, many...

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Audio for Social Media - The Next Big Thing or Already Here?

October 23, 2012 Juli Durante audio, social media

The Facebook "status update" is over. Years ago, the site required "is" to be part of a status. So, my current status might be "Juli Durante is writing a blog". Now, you can post anything in an update. And we call them updates, not status updates. Many social sites have become less about what...

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How Real Estate Professionals use Technology to Stay Connected [Infographic]

Considering today's real estate market, it's more important for every real estate agent and broker to present themselves as a true professional. Your professionalism will need to be a part of every aspect of yourself, from your shoes to your online presence and beyond. How can you make sure...

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15 Places to Use Audio on Your Website

Using images on the internet is easy. Using sound for websites, on the other hand, is less obvious. However, internet audio is a powerful tool that you should use to enhance your website and your image. Here are 15 ways to incorporate audio on your website:

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