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Professional Voice Recording Tips

Learn everything you need to know about recording a professional voice message from proper equipment, to correct voice inflection, to editing tips.

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Audio Marketing Script Tip: Brainstorm Correctly

Did you learn how to brainstorm when you were in school? Our teachers taught us how to work in groups and the right ways to resolve conflicts, but brainstorming techniques were rarely part of the curriculum.  So what is brainstorming?

Wikipedia says that Brainstorming is a group creativity...

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How to choose the right Voice Over Talent for Messages On Hold

To have a successful audio marketing program, you have to have great audio. Message On Hold, a combination of appropriate music and effective content are the necessary audio components. Once you’ve scripted your messages (or had someone script them for you), you have to think about how they’ll...

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Audio Marketing Script Tip: Write for the Ear

When writing scripts for Messages On Hold, IVR Announcements, or other audio marketing programs, you'll often be told that you should “write for the ear.” Writing a script is different than writing printed materials because scripts are meant to be heard and printed materials are intended to be...

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Emphasizing the right words for Professional Audio Recordings

Recently, we asked some of our voice talent some of their favorite tips for creating great recordings. Our voice talent Joan responded with a tip about correctly emphasizing words and how to know which words to emphasize when writing or recording audio marketing scripts. It all comes down to ...

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How to Direct Voice Talent for Successful Recordings

Voice overs are being used for an increasing number of products today, from traditional Message On Hold marketing to unexpected smart phone app narration. Finding the appropriate voice talent is only half of the battle: to have a perfect, professionally recorded voice over, you have to give...

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