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#OnHold Fails and Wins to Brighten Your Day

Have you ever searched for #onhold on Twitter? It's one of my favorite activities... and it's not because I work for a company that produces on hold messages, it's because the #onhold content is some of the funniest, silliest Twitter fodder out there. Here are some on hold fails:

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6 Tips for Making Better Vine Videos

March 04, 2013 Juli Durante video, apps, twitter

Vine is the new kid on the social media block. The app allows users to create 6-second videos about anything, then share them within the app and on other social media sites, especially Twitter. (Think of it as the 140-character approach to video production). Plus, videos made on Vine can be...

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Message On Hold Etiquette Lessons From Your Twitter Followers

Following hashtags on twitter has taught me a few things. One of the most interesting is that there are just some things you shouldn’t say in your Message On Hold program. If customers are tweeting about flaws in your on hold programming, you should listen to them. What kinds of things does...

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Airline Hold Times During Hurricane Irene

Airline customer service departments had phone lines ringing off the hook during the Hurricane Irene's blast up the east coast last week. If you were one of the unlucky travelers during this time, you probably spent a long time waiting on hold for an airline customer service representative! If...

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@HoldcomListens on Twitter

A few posts back, we suggested that the things you’re tweeting might be good content for your Messages on Hold. Thinking about this, we decided it would be great if we helped you out with identifying this content. So we give you @HoldcomListens—our new twitter account, created specifically for...

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How to Use Twitter to Enhance Message On Hold Content

Ashton Kutcher isn't the only one tweeting anymore: many businesses have adopted Twitter. The social media site is used by businesses as a way to connect with their customers, become involved in their community, and grow their business. Do you tweet? If you don't, take some time to learn more...

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Twitter is a Feedback Tool for On Hold Marketing, Too

If you have spent any time checking out the Holdcom website, you might have noticed that a few of our pages have a “hold time” twitter feed.  This feed picks up tweets from twitter users who find themselves on hold—some good, some bad, some hilarious. 



 Here are some examples of what...

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Audio Tweeting

With speech-to-text capabilities and a technology that is constantly “on-the-go,” audio tweeting, or “micro-casting,” has become the middleman: it is more succinct than traditional audio messages, but more robust and personable than strictly text tweets.

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Voice Influence through Social Media

Today’s lesson in social media marketing comes from an unlikely source: Kim Kardashian. According to an article about generating traffic with Twitter on, the celebrity holds the most influence over her followers, even though she is several million behind Twitter-giants such as Justin...

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