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Narration in Video and eLearning

September 21, 2016 Sioban Schmeding video, tips, e-learning

Narration can add immense value to any eLearning experience. Not only does adding high quality voiceover add versatility to the existing footage, but also allows it to be utilized for a broader range of audiences successfully. Speech can affect the most primal aspects of learning to improve...

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Evergreen Audio: Recycle Your Message on Hold Audio for Video

Having to create professional recordings for your business can be time consuming and expensive. Typically, these scripts are used once in a Message On Hold and never heard again, but why not recycle the script content and reuse it on other mediums? Why not find multiple ways to use them?...

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Video, Social Selling, and SMB's

December 11, 2015 Sioban Schmeding video

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) are always searching for ways to improve conversions. In the past, it was sufficient to be skilled in the art of communicating with customers and prospects about their problems, and offering solutions to those problems. Back then, it was just a matter of...

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Need a Robust Hotel Marketing Strategy? Create Quality Video Content

June 02, 2015 Harvey Edelman video

You flip the light on, the room is clean, and the air is crisp, there are no unwanted surprises; only features and amenities that go above your expectations. You feel at home. You settle down, open the door to the balcony, and pour a drink. Your only worry is what great dining option to try...

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Hospitals Targeting Their Audience Using Video

April 28, 2015 Harvey Edelman video

Your hospital should implement the use of video as a part of your social media marketing strategy to capitalize on the massive opportunity to engage online visitors and drive new traffic to your website. However, there are specific things you want to think about.

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3 Ways Your Hospital Will Win with Video Marketing

Video marketing offers amazing engagement to marketers. There are a multitude of marketing and visual platforms that get high engagement on social networks and throughout the web. But as a hospital, it can be tricky to understand how to best utilize video to market your operations. We will...

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Connecting with Patients: Hospitals Using Video

March 05, 2015 Harvey Edelman healthcare, video, tips

One of the most difficult parts of the hospital experience is waiting.  You want the patients and their families to know that they will receive responsible, compassionate care.  But there is so little time to sit and patiently explain critical decisions and procedures to every single patient and...

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Video the Simplified Way to Explain Complex Healthcare Procedures

February 24, 2015 Harvey Edelman video

Many healthcare facilities show at least some video content. Often, it provides information about the facility, gives overviews of various health conditions, or gives tips on how to stay healthy. However, thats not all that video services for healthcare can do for doctors, patients, and...

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Enhance Customer Experience at Your HealthCare Facility

January 23, 2015 Harvey Edelman video

Many hospitals and clinics believe that their patients don't care about much aside from the doctor and staff they interact with, but this isn't an accurate perception. In reality, patients choose a healthcare facility the same way they choose to shop at a typical retail store. The overall ...

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How Hospitals are Using Video in Denmark

January 06, 2015 Harvey Edelman healthcare, video, tips

Some hospitals have begun using video and digital signs as ways to educate and inform patients and their families. In October of 2014, Region Hovedstaden, the regional healthcare authority of Copenhagen, Denmark, began the process of installing 500 digital screens in 20 different medical...

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