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What Gender Should Your Voiceover Be?

When you're investing time and energy into your marketing and creating new content, you want it to be effective. Every detail from the colors, used - to the voice has an effect on your audience. Choosing the right gender for your brand voice can be a tricky decision. We've created a list of...

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Voice Assistant Technology and it's Part in Customer Service

Once relegated to the realms of sci-fi and seemingly far-fetched movie plots, voice assistant technology is now a huge part of the customer service experience. It works inconjunction with your Interactive Voice Response, known as IVR, to increase efficiency in your company's communication,...

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3 Reasons IVRs Can Make or Break Your Brand

IVR systems. We've all used it and we've all had experiences where we were trapped in a routing loop unable to reach a human being and stuck yelling at a "robot" we can barely understand. 

When was the last time you've had an experience like that? How did it make you feel about the brand who...

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Voice Assistant Technology & Customer Experience

As technology changes, the customer experience and human interaction changes as well. We have become reliant on the use of cellphones and the convenience of information at our fingertips. Technology advancements have caused such disorders as Nomophobia or the fear of being out of mobile phone...

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DIY Voice Prompts

If you've ever thought about recording your own prompts for your business, then you've probably already found out just how difficult it can be. Even with the right equipment (which alone costs thousands of dollars), depending on the word count it can take a week just to get the right recordings...

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Voice Prompts, Message On Hold, and the Customer Experience

Your customer has a busy day. One of his kids was sick this morning, a tire was flat on the car, work at the office is piled up after a holiday, and the office fridge isn't working so he had to go out for lunch. On top of all that, he must call your company today and he's likely to have to spend...

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Professional Human Voice: What the Public Wants to Hear

Are we neglecting the power of our own unique voice? Businesses across many industries are using computer generated voices to motivate their audience instead of reaching them through the authenticity of real human speech. Although synthetic speech is utilized in various business applications,...

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Leaving a Professional Voicemail is Just as Important as Your Actual Voicemail Message

Arguably the most intimidating factor when leaving a voice mail is the fact that once you leave the message, "in one take," there is no taking it back. That is why, especially in the business world, an overwhelming amount of people revert to email rather than leaving a voice mail message. ...

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3D Audio While Waiting On Hold - Soon? [VIDEO]

April 28, 2011 Jeremy Fishman voice

Back in March, Holdcom featured a breakthrough mobile game that redefined the power of audio: in Papa Sangre there are no visuals, only sound to guide the player through the various “three dimensional” environments.

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Remembering Voice: Martin Luther King Jr.

January 17, 2011 Jeremy Fishman holiday, voice

Today Holdcom celebrates one of the greatest orators of the 20th century: Martin Luther King, Jr. His voice was both booming and humble, his clear, rhythmic phrasing crafted through years as a minister. If not known as the cornerstone of the civil rights movement, he was honored as a public leader...

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