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Is your Voiceover Talent Approachable as the Brand Voice?

First impressions have a lasting impact.  Everyone has a friend that when they first met, was totally unapproachable. Trust me, I know because for most of my college years, I was that friend! My friends didn't admit this to me until about 2 years into our relationship, and we still laugh about... Read More

Improving Your E-Learning Presentation Using Audio

As E-Learning and E-Training web tutorials continue to grow in popularity, audio has become a critical component of these computer-based presentations. Learn effective and creative ways to use audio in your E-Learning presentations.

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How Special Education Teachers Can Enhance Your eLearning Techniques

Research has shown adding audio to multimedia presentations enhances a learner's grasp on the content (image, video, or text) provided. Special Education teachers use audio visual learning techniques to increase attention span, and stimulate auditory and visual senses of learning disabled...

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Professional Human Voice: What the Public Wants to Hear

Are we neglecting the power of our own unique voice? Businesses across many industries are using computer generated voices to motivate their audience instead of reaching them through the authenticity of real human speech. Although synthetic speech is utilized in various business applications,...

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Talk to Me, Not at Me - Communication Tips from Professional Voice Talent

Today we are featuring a guest post from JoJo Jensen, an independent voice talent, audio entrepreneur, and writer. We're pleased to share her thoughts about successfully delivering and recording

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Audio Tweeting

With speech-to-text capabilities and a technology that is constantly “on-the-go,” audio tweeting, or “micro-casting,” has become the middleman: it is more succinct than traditional audio messages, but more robust and personable than strictly text tweets.

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Voiceover Recording for Telephony

Contributed by Production team member Brett Lubansky

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Voice Prompt Scripts Near and Far

Guest Blog contributed by Scripts Consultant Megan Andriulli

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