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Voice Prompt Scripts Near and Far

Guest Blog contributed by Scripts Consultant Megan Andriulli

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Another emerging market for Holdcom is eTraining, also known as virtual learning or just-in-time training. Holdcom supplies voices and scripts for professional businesses that need their staff to learn something new, and fast: for example, updated software or a novel technology.

Senior Script...

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Virtual Tour Audio

Though the virtual tour has been around for a long time, many individuals and businesses have not yet incorporated audio into their presentations. I have seen many virtual tours where you are given a full 360 panaromic view of a brightly colored living room or kitchen - with no voice over to serve...

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Audio Branding and Image

The story that's being bounced around the Internet this morning is that of Israel "acquiring the Twitter username @Israel," an effort by the nation's "recent initiative to get more involved in Social Media." In the spirit of the @Israel account origins, belonging to a Miami-based pornographic...

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