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Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business Look and 'Sound' Bigger

Small businesses have the potential of getting lost amid competition from large-scale, high revenue businesses. These types of businesses are always faced with the question, "How do I make my business seem larger and distinguish itself among competitors?" Both professionalism and strategic...

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Three Articles on Voice Technology

February 28, 2011 Jeremy Fishman voice production

Inspired by yesterday’s post about the role of business as “information curator” for a data-hungry web 3.0 audience, I decided to share several recent articles from SpeechTechMagazine that share developments in the voice technology industry.

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Voice Recognition and Telephony

In our October Newsletter, Holdcom featured a clip from the critically acclaimed sketch show Burnistoun about two Scottish gentlemen struggling with an elevator voice-recognition system. The sketch played off of the myth that voice recognition systems (or the average English speaker) cannot...

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Achieve Professional Results with your Homegrown On Hold Studio

In the mid ‘90s, it was thought that all you needed to be a DJ were two turntables and a microphone.  In the early 21st century, it is thought that all you need to become a Youtube or podcast sensation is a home camera or a ten-dollar computer microphone.

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Copyright and Marketing Audio

In the age of instant access to information, taking the proper licensing and copyright procedures can secure that you receive due compensation for your product.

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Another emerging market for Holdcom is eTraining, also known as virtual learning or just-in-time training. Holdcom supplies voices and scripts for professional businesses that need their staff to learn something new, and fast: for example, updated software or a novel technology.

Senior Script...

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Audio Production Store - Voice Prompts

With the release of Itunes 10, Apple has taken the necessary, and seemingly innovative, approach of incorporating social media into the infrastructure of the Itunes experience. Alongside the fact that Itunes has revived AppleTV and now offers the purchase of television shows less than 24 hours...

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Audio Branding and Image

The story that's being bounced around the Internet this morning is that of Israel "acquiring the Twitter username @Israel," an effort by the nation's "recent initiative to get more involved in Social Media." In the spirit of the @Israel account origins, belonging to a Miami-based pornographic...

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