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Let's Get Siri-ous About Voice Talents

In this age of digital manipulation and reproduction, we often get questioned by customers about the source of Holdcom’s voice recordings… human or synthetic?  And the answer is… yes, they are most definitely natural, human voices…not artificial reproductions.  As a company specializing in voice...

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What Gender Should Your Voiceover Be?

When you're investing time and energy into your marketing and creating new content, you want it to be effective. Every detail from the colors, used - to the voice has an effect on your audience. Choosing the right gender for your brand voice can be a tricky decision. We've created a list of...

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Is Your Voice Over Talent Approachable as the Brand Voice?

First impressions have a lasting impact.  Everyone has a friend that when they first met, was totally unapproachable. Trust me, I know because for most of my college years, I was that friend! My friends didn't admit this to me until about 2 years into our relationship, and we still laugh about... Read More

Live Agents Or Automated Attendant?

The term 'Live Agents' has replaced the traditional "receptionist".  Not too long ago most businesses answered calls live during "normal" business hours. So much has changed in how we work and live and communicate, I’m not sure what is considered normal.  Today customers expect 24/7, 365 support...

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Brand Image: A Unified Voice for Call Processing

For humans, the sense of hearing provides depth and richness to life. Likely, there are sounds that you experience that evoke a deep emotional response within you. Studies indicate that those who experience hearing loss often suffer from depression because hearing is typically integral to one's...

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How Not To Narrate: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Virtual Tour Narration

Recently I attended a conference that had the usual fare of keynote speakers, break-out sessions, lectures and PowerPoint presentations. One of the presenters, in addition to providing a live, spoken commentary for his PowerPoint visuals, included a pre-recorded narrative (also in his voice)...

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How to Choose the Perfect Voice Over for Your Video Production

March 28, 2013 Juli Durante video, tips, voice talent

When you're creating a video production for your business, there are two main areas of focus: Visuals and Audio. The visuals come naturally to most. You might feature on-screen talent, show charts and statistics, or share photos. The audio is often a bit trickier to get right. Background music...

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How to Incorporate Voice into Your Branding Efforts

How does your brand sound? When you're designing graphics, writing website content, or even talking to customers on the phone, you probably have a certain image in mind. All of these things contribute to how your brand "sounds" to yourself and your clients.

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Vocal Fry: The Next Big Trend in Voice Production?

Vocal Fry is also known as that creaky sound many people make at the ends of words or sentences. Recent research has found that the creaky voice phenomenon may be a growing speech trend in college age women. Check out what the Today Show reported about the growing pattern:

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Happy 2012! ...How do Voice Over Talents Say That?

Happy New Year! And what year is it? 2012, of course… but is that “twenty twelve” or “two thousand twelve”? As we transitioned from the 1990s into the 2000s, people stopped saying the first two digits together (i.e. “nineteen”) and switched to saying the whole number (e.g. “two thousand”,...

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