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5 Ways to Incorporate Professional Audio Into Your eLearning Presentation

Out with the old!  In with the new! Businesses have been making the switch by replacing traditional employee training programs with innovative training techniques that show tremendous success rates… E-Training! This effective teaching and learning method can take many forms, including placing...

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Emphasizing the right words for Professional Audio Recordings

Recently, we asked some of our voice talent some of their favorite tips for creating great recordings. Our voice talent Joan responded with a tip about correctly emphasizing words and how to know which words to emphasize when writing or recording audio marketing scripts. It all comes down to ...

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How to Direct Voice Talent for Successful Recordings

Voice overs are being used for an increasing number of products today, from traditional Message On Hold marketing to unexpected smart phone app narration. Finding the appropriate voice talent is only half of the battle: to have a perfect, professionally recorded voice over, you have to give...

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Using Message On Hold as a Call to Action

Audio has proven to be an effective way of reinforcing a call to action in marketing and customer service initiatives. Often times, audio is a component of a marketing strategy, but in the area of on hold marketing, it is the sole marketing component and the one that can make effective...

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Internal Segmentation

February 01, 2011 Jeremy Fishman voice talent

SEO-conscious businesses are very familiar with market segmentation. But what about “in-house” segmentation? In other words, have you segmented the individual components of your business, and assigned an appropriate workforce?

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Monitoring Speech Recognition Software for Call Center

December 14, 2010 Jeremy Fishman voice talent

Many call centers implement voice recognition alongside their voice prompts for various reasons, including reduced costs and encouraging customer engagement. While speech recognition technology has greatly improved over the past two decades, it does require pre-launch testing and on going fine...

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Sound Effects in Message on Hold: A Bonus or a Bother?

When customizing their message on hold program, some clients take the road less traveled by submitting a script that calls for sound effects, cartoon voices, or a humorous skit. This approach to your Message on Hold or personal voice message can be a hit or miss: here are some factors to consider...

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Steering Voice in the Right Direction

Holdcom’s clients have the ability to customize every aspect of their program, from music to voice to content. But one key aspect that can make or break a recording is a vocal direction.

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Message On Hold - How Many Words Per Minute?

For a standard Message on Hold program, Holdcom offers options ranging from a four-minute plan up until an eight-minute plan. When a client goes through our self-service online store, they will select their desired plan and copy-paste a written script.

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