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IVR Announcements Make Headlines

Yesterday’s blog examined how big media recently “uncovered” the many frustrations consumers, and business, face when dealing with customer service – mainly related to call centers, telephony, or online assistance.

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Achieve Professional Results with your Homegrown On Hold Studio

In the mid ‘90s, it was thought that all you needed to be a DJ were two turntables and a microphone.  In the early 21st century, it is thought that all you need to become a Youtube or podcast sensation is a home camera or a ten-dollar computer microphone.

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Voiceover Recording for Telephony

Contributed by Production team member Brett Lubansky

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Multilingual Communication

HOLDCOM recently completed an interesting project for a major bio-pharmaceutical company that required multi-lingual audio production for a video presentation.  With offices and markets in numerous countries, our client needed to globalize their existing corporate video, which featured employee...

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Another emerging market for Holdcom is eTraining, also known as virtual learning or just-in-time training. Holdcom supplies voices and scripts for professional businesses that need their staff to learn something new, and fast: for example, updated software or a novel technology.

Senior Script...

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