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4 Killer Examples of Website Audio Done Right

October 01, 2013 Juli Durante video, tips, website

Website audio has gotten a bad rap. Many people think sound has no place on the internet, that web browsing should be a silent experience.

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How to Ensure Your Online Reviews are Authentic

A new study released by research firm Gartner says 10 - 15 % of online reviews will be fake and paid for by companies by 2014. The rise in fake reviews shows a definite lack of integrity in the business community and will leave consumers unsure of how to trust 100% of these testimonials. But...

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How to Add Audio to Your Website

August 21, 2012 Juli Durante marketing, tips, website

You've put a lot of thought into the way your website looks--but have you thought about how it sounds? Website Audio is a creative way to make your digital content more interesting and engaging. It's also easier than ever to add audio to any website page, even if you're not comfortable editing...

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15 Places to Use Audio on Your Website

March 06, 2012 Juli Durante marketing, tips, website

Using images on the internet is easy. Using sound for websites, on the other hand, is less obvious. However, internet audio is a powerful tool that you should use to enhance your website and your image. Here are 15 ways to incorporate audio on your website:

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Hospitality Industry Website Audio

Despite great strides in bandwidth and technology, the internet remains a visual space that doesn’t often make use of audio. When audio is used, however, it can help your website achieve major impact. Website audio can make your website stand out from your competition’s site while reinforcing...

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How to Get SEO Credit for Website Audio (and Video)

October 04, 2011 Juli Durante marketing, tips, website

Search engines can read. They read your website, determine what your content is, who is linking to your site, and how many times you use certain words. However, search engines cannot watch videos, look at pictures, or play your audio files. Here’s the dilemma: If you want customers to find...

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Where to Use Audio in Virtual Tours

A virtual tour with audio is more engaging than a silent tour. When you go on a tour in person, you see the sights while you hear the sounds. Tours are usually guided and led by someone who is knowledgeable about the area, like a student at a university or a docent at a museum. A tour guide...

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Website Audio Can Improve Sales

Sales strategies have changed dramatically since the emergence of the Internet, while other technological advancements have provided increased efficiency, speed, and convenience for customers. More and more, consumers and business customers, rely on websites to learn more about businesses,...

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Creating Website Audio

Websites have become essential parts of brand messaging.  They’re the space where a company lays out their products, their philosophy, their history, and more.   Audio branding, also called sound branding and sonic branding, is the process of using audio to enhance brand image.  Essentially, in...

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