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MOH and IVR Rush Jobs

February 25, 2011 Jeremy Fishman message on hold

Holdcom often encounter situations where a client calls in, frantic or out of breathe, asking for an MOH update or IVR announcement to be written, produced, and delivered that afternoon.

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Down the Funnel: Optimizing Message on Hold

Television commercials. Websites. Printed flyers. Email campaigns.

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Offline to Online Conversion - MOH

Connecting through online channels is a successful way of attracting leads, but the true test in the service industry comes offline – person-to-person, voice-to-voice. Here is a smart offline marketing strategy, shared by Jeffrey L. Cohen that not only generates interest, but also mobilizes...

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Lend Me Your Lobes for Message on Hold

As of late, the business catchphrase floating around businesses has been “can you eyeball this?” or “give this a quick eyeball.” Taken literally, this phrase would be gruesome, if not a little presumptuous that your co-worker would actually donate his eyeballs to your cause. But in this...

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Internal Segmentation

February 01, 2011 Jeremy Fishman voice talent

SEO-conscious businesses are very familiar with market segmentation. But what about “in-house” segmentation? In other words, have you segmented the individual components of your business, and assigned an appropriate workforce?

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Donna's Laptop Debacle: The Benefits of MOH Equipment

January 27, 2011 Jeremy Fishman equipment
Today’s blog is going to place client relations in the customer’s shoes.
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Troubleshooting Message on Hold

Imagine that you’ve just ordered a brand new table from Ikea. After carrying the package from your car to your front steps, lifting it inside, and plunking it in your living room, you get down to business. Instructions are taped to the outside, but after reading the first few steps, you crumple...

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Dr. Zimmerman's Advice for Message on Hold

I recently received a solicitation email from Dr. Alan Zimmerman to buy his book, “The Change Payoff: How to Turn Resistance into Resilience and Results.” I was about to dismiss the email, but summoning a marketer’s sympathy, scanned the length of the email.

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Audio Assistance for Visually Impaired

January 19, 2011 Jeremy Fishman healthcare

Holdcom’s mission is to spread the power of audio marketing. But every now and then I reflect how our daily operations - from sound editing, to client relations, to conference calls – rely on the assumption that our clients [and their customer base] have an unimpaired ability to hear – or see.

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As the Holidays Draw to a Close, Change Your Seasonal Message on Hold!

The holidays are over. They ended not with a whimper, but a bang – over $30.1 billion in online sales, and still counting. Greeting cards and holiday decorations that were so charming and joyful are now nostalgic, and as the cold weather dissipates in the coming months, any remaining decorations...

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