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Hold Music Can Make Your Customers Crazy

For many companies the music (and message) callers hear while waiting on hold, may be their first impression of your company.  These impressions can be lasting and influence the way your company is perceived by your customers or potential customers. Whether you’re a mom and pop or Fortune 500,...

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How to Use IVR Systems to Increase Sales

IVR is not a replacement for your sales force, but it can be used to enhance your current one. As IVR technology becomes more efficient, some companies are using IVR systems to automate simple tasks, lowering costs and increasing sales. According to Bill Gates, “The first rule of any...

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3 Things to Avoid When Writing Your Own On Hold Marketing Script

So m e companies like to write their own script for the company Message On Hold program.  We understand that no one knows your business better than you do. However, there are some no -no’s that you want to steer clear of. Here are three bad practices that you'll want to avoid, and tips you should be...
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