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On Hold Communication - The Original Social Media

With all the hype and buzz surrounding Social Media, many companies are scratching their heads trying to figure out its true ROI.  It seems every month there is a new online product or community that is gaining user acclaim and notoriety.  From the popular LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to newer applications like Google Buzz, most social media novices are overwhelmed by all the different programs and barely have time to manage one profile, let alone six or more.

With invitations to join different social media communities flying across the Internet like a meteor shower, some have jumped in while others have run for cover, watching from the tree line.  Many have adopted social media communication into their daily lifestyle, while others don't know where to begin.  You may not realize that, as a Message-On-Hold client, you've actually been a pioneer in paving the way toward modern-day Social Media Marketing.  And you may ask, "What exactly does on-hold messaging have to do with social media anyway?"

If we step back for a moment and analyze what Social Media is in its simplest form, it's communication - or more accurately, the exchange of information from one to many in a highly social environment.  Social Media has been around for a long time, from the exchange of ideas and news in a market place or pub to social gatherings and events.  It's only recently entered the hyper-digital world where information and ideas can be sharedinstantly from anywhere to everywhere, and it is this type of exchange that has taken on a new sense of purpose and value.

Message-On-Hold is the Grandfather of modern day Social Media.  Born in the early 1980's, Message-On-Hold was one of the first forms of communication that allowed companies and brands to engage with clients on a much more individual basis.  While Crazy Eddie was screaming at television viewers trying to grab their attention, early adapters to Message-On-Hold realized they had a captive audience they could address one-on-one.  Being able to solicit immediate feedback from a caller on hold and engage them with a new product or service proved Message-On-Hold's value right away.

As technology changed and companies embraced email and websites, Message-On-Hold was again there to help brands and businesses direct customers to their new websites, where clients could explore content and gain additional information about products and services.  The powerful one-on-one connection that Message-On-Hold established allowed organizations to quickly and inexpensively communicate important information to customers and prospects alike, thus building brand value and generating website traffic.

As conversations and commerce shift to the online communities, and companies establish Facebook Fan pages, corporate LinkedIn Pages, and Twitter accounts, Message-On-Hold communication continues to be the best choice in promoting your message to loyal clients who are calling your business.  Being able to create custom content and promote your new social media efforts to your existing clients helps you to grow your brand.

HOLDCOM continues to be your communications leader with new audio marketing products like Audio for Facebook Fan pages, Talking PDF's, Audio for Online Training Videos & Virtual Tours, and more.  If you are creating new social media content, make sure you speak with your HOLDCOM representative to learn how you can leverage your Message-On-Hold program to make it even more effective.  If you are interested in any of our Audio for Social Media products, or just to have a friendly conversation, email us at

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