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Find the Right Voice...Talent


When Hillary Clinton announced that she found her "own voice" during her campaign for President in 2008, she was referring more to her persona than her vocal cords.  As a politician, she cleary understood the importance of establishing an image that would be both authentic and appealing...a "voice" that would "speak" to her constituency.  And, as she struggled for acceptance and votes, this proved to be a formidable task. 

When utilizing audio marketing for your business, promoting new products and services, or delivering general information to your customers and prospects, finding not just your voice, but the right voice, deserves serious consideration.  Hillary had no choice in the matter, since she had to literally speak for herself.  As a marketer and/or business owner, you do have a choice.  Now more than ever, professional voice talents are readily accessible (and affordable), via online production services such as, to record announcements and commercials for your company.

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a suitable voice for your audio presentation. Gender and age range will certainly impact your target audience and affect the degree of engagement. Overall appeal of a voice is the quality and tone of the vocal "instrument" pleasing?  What about the character and you want your voice to be authoritative, enthusiastic, formal, casual, objective, passionate?  Marketing campaigns often require a variety of characters, and the term "voice actor" is often used to distinguish a voice talent who can portray a range of emotions and personalities. Traditional radio and television ads often enlist voice actors to fulfill their diverse requirements.

For non-broadcast applications, such as telephone voice mail greetings, virtual tours, web tutorials, and narrations, other factors may influence your voice selection.  Corporate appeal or "seduction" is desirable when communicating to the business community.  Whatever your needs, when choosing a voice to represent your company, be sure that it rates high on the "likeability" scale.

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