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spanish, multilingual, foreign voice talentHOLDCOM recently completed an interesting project for a major bio-pharmaceutical company that required multi-lingual audio production for a video presentation.  With offices and markets in numerous countries, our client needed to globalize their existing corporate video, which featured employee interviews, testimonials and a speech by their CEO...all in English.  After considering several language options, they decided that a Japanese version of the presentation would best suit their needs, using a format known as “U.N. style” (United Nations). “U.N. style” refers to the timing and dynamic level of the dubbed translation; there is a slight delay in positioning the Japanese voice track so the original English can still be heard faintly in the background.


Since scripts were not available, the first step involved producing a transcript of the English narrative.  Timing cues were a critical component of this script, which had to be carried over into the Japanese translation to ensure accurate synchronization throughout the recording process.  Holdcom’s authentic Japanese voice talents (male and female were required) were enlisted to record the almost 30 minutes of audio, followed by careful post-production, involving audio-to-video editing, mixing, and assembly.  Holdcom successfully combined the Japanese language recording with the original English audio and video track, then re-authored the client DVD to match the original menu screens and navigation options.

Multi-lingual media presentation is a necessary solution to reach employees, prospective clients, and new partners worldwide.

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