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Message on Hold Equipment - Digital Convergence

Just about everything we touch has been affected by the digitalization of our world. How and where we listen and view content, the untethering of voice and mobile applications, the way we drive and park our cars have all been radically changed. Some industries were born, some adapted, and some have vanished altogether.

The Message On Hold and telecommunications industry is no different. We've gone from recording and delivering content on magnetic tape to making digital recordings with virtual fulfillment. Twenty years ago we welcomed the digital repeater with open arms: finally, there was an option beyond endless loop and reversible cassette tapes.  Who would have envisioned there would no longer be a need for digital repeater.  Yet in many segments of the present message on hold and voice production industry, this equipment is vanashing.

Most of our sales today break down as follows:

  • New large enterprise customers often don't require digital equipment.  Their phone system have built messaging board, or they are utilizing a VoiP installation and have media server to store their audio marketing files. 
  • On the other end of the spectrum, many of the smaller customers are opting for hosted Pbx solutions (or they attempt to use consumer mp3 like ipods). 
  • So that really leaves the mid size customers who need equipment (although many new customers already have equipment in place from an existing vendor). Of that group, about 70-80% of equipment they purchase is Flash drive, with the other 20-30% purchasing CD loaders, Remote load Equipment, or something else.

The good news for us is that content is king - and providing professional content is our specialty.

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