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Maximizing Outreach for Holidays with Message on Hold

As the days grow shorter, it’s a daily reminder that Fall is fast approaching, with Winter right on its heels. And with these seasons comes all the trimmings like holiday parties, gift giving, and family get-togethers. Unfortunately, we will also be faced with long lines at check out, endless circles to find a parking space, and overwhelmed employees. With all the activity, it’s evident that this time of year is a key sales prospect for many businesses – not only to increase profits and brand awareness, but to spread good will for the year ahead.MaximzeOutreachforHolidays

As I consider the range of businesses that employ Message on Hold communication, I wonder why every business doesn’t take advantage of this simple marketing and communications tool at this time of year. Full-page print ads, radio, and TV commercials are used to promote early bird specials, giveaways, and secret sales – what about Message on Hold?


For years Holdcom has been helping clients achieve big numbers in the fourth quarter with well scripted, professional Message on Hold programs, auto-attendant announcements, and online audio. Businesses can use these programs to promote events, drive traffic to their website, or simply to wish their callers a Happy Holiday.

Small call centers handle around 450 calls, on average, per day. Major call centers can handle thousands: for example,  Saudi Arabian Airlines has recently expanded its call center to handle 200,000 calls per day.

Imagine broadcasting your business’s holiday specials to over 200,000 potential customers per day. With Message on Hold, you can! Every caller who gets put on hold will hear your custom message. The more lines you have, the more callers. The more callers, the greater number of impressions – with an exponential growth.


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Updated on November 9, 2017

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