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Managing Your On Hold Space

healthcare, on hold space, ivr, message on holdStrategic Healthcare Communications is an online healthcare resource that “since 1984 has been supplying marketing, communications, and business development information of vital concern to healthcare organizations.” One of their key publications, Strategic Health Care Marketing,  featured an article about “[Emergency Departments]…must adapt their emergency services to meet the unique needs of the over-65 population.”

According to William Thomas, MD, “the culture of the emergency department is built on fast medicine. The needs of frail older people are founded on the virtues of slow medicine.” The “basic standards,” according to Sue Penoza, Director of Planning of Trinity Health system, “has fewer units, natural lighting, non-skid flooring, soothing colors, and amenities such as warm blankets and fresh flowers…”

Hospitals that offer these specialized services will increase their reputation, as well as their patient community. More individuals with aging parents will trust these hospitals, and word of mouth will spread the wealth.

From a marketing perspective, this is not only a cultural revolution, but a response to their community’s needs. According to Eve Pidgeon, manager of corporate communications for the system, “you have to get involved with each patient to deliver individualized care…you really have to slow it down.”

Holdcom has a similar philosophy – the on hold space is a time to provide one-on-one care to your “patients” seeking cures for their ailments, whether it be finding information, performing a daily task, or even to “speak to the manager.” By renewing and customizing these messages, customers will stay alert and engage on a frequent basis– creating dialogues that can only benefit business and consumer.

What do you think? Should companies deliver highly specialized services, or focus on improvements that cover a general scope?

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